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HIX Enterprise sells its products under the Mayax brand.

The mission of Mayax and HIX Enterprise

Replacing plastic and other environmentally harmful substances with reasonable alternatives. Nowadays, plastic has become indispensable in many areas. The other day, it was common to use plastic disposable tableware at events & parties. But that will change by mid-2021 at latest.

This development, away from plastic towards degradable alternatives, should also be established in many other industries. This is what HIX Enterprise and Mayax stand for.

All started with bagasse disposable tableware as a replacement for plastic disposable tableware. Afterwards the product portfolio got expanded to amber glass bottles. This was done by customer's request. The customer wanted to switch from conventional plastic bottles to glass bottles in order to offer his products "plastic-free".

Feel free to contact us, we are always eligible to add new products to our product portfolio or to support you in purchasing new products. Just write us an email to

Our slogan:

Mayax - the alternative to plastic

Our mission - minimize plastic waste!

HIX Enterprise

HIX Enterprise was founded in 2019 as an import and export company in Saalfeld / Thuringia. HIX- stands for Hebrok Import & Export and primarily refers to the import and export from Asia / Europe / America to Germany or from Germany to the world.

HIX acts as an importer and exporter but also as a retailer and wholesaler. Sales are concentrated on regional and international customers. Products are sold under the Mayax brand.

HIX also works on behalf of customers.Do you have questions about import / export?

HIX cooperates with customers and their suppliers / logistic agents / customs / laboratories etc. Furthermore, HIX takes care from the beginning, developing your product idea to a ready for sale product.

What does that mean? What we can do for you:

  • searching suppliers
  • arranging samples
  • laboratory tests
  • labeling
  • transport/ logistics
  • import&export
  • customs
  • etc.

Do you have any suggestions, product ideas or do you need advice on importing / exporting products. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an email ( or call +49 (0) 175/55 72 396. Contact person: Stefan Hebrok