72 wide neck bottles 200ml in amber glass - wide neck glass, screw top jars

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Amber glass bottles are suitable to protect the contents of a bottle from light. Wide-neck bottles are also suitable for convenient filling, removal and cleaning

Use: For any use in the kitchen, bathroom, garden or for example health supplements. Further examples of use: teas, spices, creams, powders, oils, perfumes, extracts, globules & plant seeds

Quality: All Mayax amber glass bottles are tested according to German LFGB standards. LFGB tests classified Mayax bottles as food safe.

  • Nominal volume in ml: 200
  • Brimful volume in ml:226
  • Weight per bottle in grams: 151
  • Outside diameter in mm: 61,4
  • thread: suitable for GPI 45-400
  • Height without cover in mm: 109,5
  • material: Glass

Scope of delivery:

Product: 72 Mayax amber glass wide neck 200ml bottles without lids

Shipping weight including box: 12 kg

Packaging unit: 1 box of 72 pieces