What are sugar cane products made of?

In a nutshell: Made of sugar cane bagasse

Bagasse is sugar cane fiber which for example remains from sugar production. Thus, sugar cane products are made from recycled bagasse.

That means rapidly renewable resources are used to manufacture disposable tableware and food containers. In contrast to paper tableware it is unnecessary using timber, which takes years to grow. Sugar cane is classified as sweet grass and is able, under certain circumstances, to get harvested several times a year.

Sugar cane products are manufactured in a pressure moulding process.

Features of disposable bagasse products

  • made of renewable raw materials
  • more stable compared to paper / plastic / EPS products
  • produced by pressure moulding processes
  • degradable
  • heat resistant
  • waterproof
  • oil resistant
  • microwaveable
  • suitable for freezers